Online Exhibition ‘Space & Containment’ at Galerie Ludorff

Online Exhibition ‘Space & Containment’ at Galerie Ludorff

“Painting is about the beauty of space and the power of containment.” – Sam Francis

Inspired by those words from Sam Francis, Galerie Ludorff has opened a new online exhibition entitled: ‘Space & Containment.’ The current exhibition provides an overview of 40 years of work: from Sam’s group of works of interlocking color formations to his edge paintings. The gallery features works (many early) of the artist that exemplify his fascination with the space between the edges, the interval between beginning and end, and the relationship of form and non-form.

Sam’s works will be exhibited solely online from Feb 19Apr 24, 2021. For details and more information on viewing the exhibition, please visit Galerie Ludorff.

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