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The Durst Organization and Chashama presents:
February 19th ~ May 19th, 2013
Opening reception: Thursday, February 28th, 6-8pm

Curated by: Janusz Jaworski

Lobby Gallery
1133 Avenue of the Americas 
New York, NY  10036
(Between 43rd and 44th) 
Tel: 917-544-0279

Trains: Bryant Park Station (F,B or D lines)

My work is an investigation into time, space and color.

Large drawings can give the viewer a sense of the scale of the natural environment that surrounds us, which is often lost in our daily preoccupations.  The horizontal composition is a timeless image that represents not only the landscape, but the boundary of the horizon; a vanishing point where sights and time end.

A lobby is both a passageway and a boundary separating the building’s internal spaces from the street outside. Office space in a building is a place of privacy where one can focus on tasks, thoughts and conversation where concentration and protection are paramount. The lobby is a conduit for the individual who leaves their private space, and goes to another destination in the city or elsewhere.

Many people move through the same lobby, on a daily basis with multiple tasks and missions on their minds. It is a between place that is an integral part of daily life, yet little attention is paid when one passes or uses the lobby – even though it has the potential to have an impact on people’s mindset.

“Kaleidoscope” is a selection of paintings representing different states of mind and being. From emotionally
charged colors and movement to serene and contemplative monochromatic two-toned paintings that
may evoke calmness and enhance concentration. Colors activate imagination and can unlock inspiration as well. My hope is for people working in the building to be stimulated by the artworks installed throughout the lobby, and perhaps provide them a more active imagination, inspiration and serenity throughout their working day. 



オープニングレセプション:2月28日(木) 18:00~20:00


1133 アベニュー オブ ザ アメリカーズ
ニューヨーク, アメリカ

交通:Bryant Park Station (F, B, D 線)

主催:Durst Organization & Chashama
問い合わせ:TEL. 917-544-0279

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