TreePeople and Sam Francis Foundation Collaboration

TreePeople and Sam Francis Foundation Collaboration

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O Nature! O Wilderness…contact with wilderness means to me a new beginning––it means connection to the creation of the cosmos. Please let us tread lightly…nature is the blood of the universe streaming in the firmament, not one drop to be lost…the wilderness is my beacon.
–– Sam Francis

The Sam Francis Foundation is proud to announce a collaboration with the heroic organization TreePeople as part of their tree dedication program with a special edition Sam Francis artwork tree dedication card.

TreePeople’s Tree Dedication Program directly supports the planting and care of trees to restore land from the effects of climate change, such as heat, fires and drought. TreePeople works in city parks, neighborhoods, schools and in mountain forests. Visit the TreePeople and honor someone with the continued nurturing and care of nature.

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It’s beautiful to see how nature helps pave the paths of those who inspire our lives.

TreePeople’s Founder and President Andy Lipkis was a forward-thinking youth who began an environmental nonprofit at the age of 17 after being inspired by the dying trees in the Angeles National Forest. Similarly, Sam Francis, one of California’s most influential abstract expressionist painters with art hanging in LA museums like the Broad and the Norton Simon Museum, also drew inspiration from nature in forests, lakes, rivers and the ocean while living around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Growing up, Sam Francis loved being surrounded by trees, such as the towering Redwoods, and often went fishing and camping with his father, his brother, and his children over the years. Francis believed that humans had an unbreakable bond with nature and were required to treat the earth well and bring positive and creative solutions to environmental problems– a theme prevalent throughout the artist’s life.

Francis’ paintings included a transformation of the four elements (earth, water, air, and fire) with color to invoke a force in nature and in the mind. His landscape-inspired imagery was born from his time spent outdoors, evoking references from everything such as the sky, clouds, water, trees and plants, to the desert, rocks, and mountains; he also painted the heavenly bodies of the planets, stars, moon, and sun.

Thank you TreePeople for all that you do!

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