New Shingo Francis Exhibitions

New Shingo Francis Exhibitions

Kaleidoscope: moments in time

September 4th – October 12th, 2019

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 11th, 4 – 6pm

Peter Boxenbaum Arts Education Centre Second Floor
Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences
1714 21st Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Tel: 310-582-4425

Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences is delighted to present the first installment of the Alumni Biennial Series in the Sam Francis Gallery. Since the founding of the School, Crossroads has fostered and supported students in their creative pursuits. As the community expands its roster of artists, the biennial acts as an extension, connecting generations of alumni with students.

“Kaleidoscope: moments in time” includes a collection of work offered up to viewers in a salon style-esque format. Shingo’s journals from various years are placed both open and closed, disclosing select thoughts and insight into the artist’s practice. The gallery holds the works as a time capsule, jumping from student work to Francis’ most recent work, “Subtle Impressions” (2019), a large-scale interference painting. Shingo says, “I would like to reveal the footsteps of the process to the students so they can see and experience the meandering nature of art making and/or at least how I have done it. I think it is important for the students and viewers to see it wasn’t a straight shot, exposing the various shapes and forms we incrementally explore to find a way we can express what we want to say.”

Monday – Friday, 10am – 4 pm
*Saturday, October 12th 10am – 4pm

Emergence: Art and The Incarnation of Space

August 29th – October 6th, 2019

Curated by Dr. Rev Richard Davey

Artist and curator talk: Tuesday, September 10th, 5pm

Baylor University
60 Baylor Ave
Waco, TX 76707
Tel: 254-710-6371

In “Emergence,” work by German-born American artist Josef Albers, best known for his book “Interaction of Color,” serves as a starting point for paintings and sculptures by six contemporary artists that he inspired: Americans Edith Baumann, Benny Fountain, Shingo Francis, Jane Harris and Fritz Horstman, and English artist Richard Kenton Webb.

Davey said their works use juxtapositions of color, perspectiveless form and other techniques to create impressions of space and meaning beyond what’s in the physical image. “We rarely look at the space in the middle (between visual art and the viewer), but what we call empty space is filled with atoms and particles,” he said. “I’m interested in where boundaries start to merge, where two dimensions become three . . . It’s an incarnation, giving flesh and substance to the emptiness of space.”

The arts writer hopes viewers leave the exhibit not with a memory of objects, but an experience of seeing. “Part of this show is about looking,” he said. “People should go out and look with a different eye.

-Carl Hoover, Waco Tribune-Herald Staff Writer

Tuesdays – Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: 1pm – 5pm

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